Commencement of our business in Malaysia goes back to 1984 when it was established as a pipeline construction company. Since then, we have constructed many oil and gas pipelines, and at the same time expanded our business activities to cover Factory Construction projects. Later, we participated and played a key role in large-scale full turnkey projects in the fields of Multi-Product Pipeline System, Co-Generation Power Plant, Waste to Energy Plant (Incinerator), sub-marine pipeline and Waste Water Treatment Plant which were specialized by JFE Engineering Corp. Japan. In the course of executing these projects, we have accumulated a wealth of experiences and trained ourselves to acquire top rated project management capabilities.

Throughout this period, what we pursued as utmost importance is to perform the work entrusted to us with Japanese derived reliability and management method to meet with Malaysian needs choosing suitable technology and specification. Our main objective is to perform the task efficiently in a timely manner at the most optimum price. We always seek the best for our clients here in Malaysia and will utilise the most competitive technology to develop and execute their projects.

Our challenges continue into the areas of waste management and biomass energy that are of recent needs and interests in Malaysia. We, JFE Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. and Kumpulan Juruteknik Sdn. Bhd., will do our utmost to serve our clients and the needs of Malaysia towards achieving these noble aspirations.